Lea Taylor Pastoral is proud to offer this quality property for sale on behalf of the vendors:


Block [A] $480,000. Block [B] $426,000. Block [C] $438,000.




Gracemere Property For Sale


Approximately; 5 Klm to Rockhampton City Heart, 3 Klm to Gracemere and 4 Klm to Gracemere Sale Yards and Cattle Selling Centre.


Three Phase Rural Power available to all the blocks, Town Water Available, Schools both Primary and Secondary in Rockhampton and Gracemere. University in Rockhampton.


There are three blocks available:

Block [A] is 23 Acres Freehold, fronting the Capricorn Highway on one Lot.

Block [B] is 28.5 Acres Freehold, on 6 Lots.

Block [C] is 36.8 Acres Freehold on 7 Lots.

Country Type:

All developed Fitzroy River Flats, of the Fitzroy upper Delta System. Formerly timbered with Coolabah, Morton Bay Ash, and Blue Gum. With Good heavy Loam Soils, Grassed with Para, Couch, Red Stem Couch and other Grasses Native to this area.


Most of these properties have been Cultivated at one stage or another and could be brought back into operation with minimal preparation, ready to farm.


Blocks [B] and [C] have frontage to “Nelson Lagoon” but have no bores at present, however the block next to Block [B] has a bore capable of delivering up to 60,000 gallons per hour of good quality water suitable for most crops as in Lucerne, Small Crops and the like.

Block [A] has no Bore but there would be good water available as there is in the surrounding area.

In the “Fairy Bower” area there are no water allocations required on bores.


Some Boundaries are fenced, the remainder aren’t as these properties were part of a bigger property.







Carrying Capacity:

The Vendor commented that he has consistently run one beast to one acre on the property since he started here in 1992.

Special Conditions:

Upon Settlement of Block [A] the vendor will need to have the Town water Pipe line continued on into his property, or prevision agreed upon between both parties, to do so.


The three blocks available in “FAIRY BOWER ESTATE” could be developed into good quality Lucerne or Small Crop farming Properties as they have grown Lucerne on most of the total area of each of the blocks at one time or another, but they would also be suitable for the growing of Small Crops and the like.

The Fairy Bower area is known for the growing of Potatoes and Onions as well and also it would suit intense farming practices. Close to the major centres of Rockhampton and Gracemere, the grazing areas to the West North and South as well as the mining towns to the West. Ideally situated for Farm Sales and pick up, road side stalls and the like.

Call me and let me show you over these properties, they are well worth inspection as a sideline or as a commercial operation.

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